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Method and device for error correction coding based on high-rate generalized concatenated codes

  • Field error correction coding is particularly suitable for applications in non-volatile flash memories. We describe a method for error correction encoding of data to be stored in a memory device, a corresponding method for decoding a codeword matrix resulting from the encoding method, a coding device, and a computer program for performing the methods on the coding device, using a new construction for high-rate generalized concatenated (GC) codes. The codes, which are well suited for error correction in flash memories for high reliability data storage, are constructed from inner nested binary Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (BCH) codes and outer codes, preferably Reed-Solomon (RS) codes. For the inner codes extended BCH codes are used, where only single parity-check codes are applied in the first level of the GC code. This enables high-rate codes.

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Author:Jürgen FreudenbergerORCiDGND, Jens Spinner, Christoph BaumhofGND
Document Type:Patent
Year of Publication:2017
Release Date:2019/08/08
Inventor:Hyperstone GmbH
Date of Application:12.05.2017
Date of grant:16.11.2017
Patent Agency:USA
Relevance:Patent, Offenlegungsschrift
Open Access?:Nein